What is yes4good?

yes4good celebrates the power of our people to make a difference to the community. Through the website you can give your time or money by making a pre-tax donation to charity, volunteer to work on a community project or fundraise with the support of your colleagues and family and friends.

Which Optus employees and subsidiaries can participate in yes4good?

The yes4good program applies to all permanent and block time employees of Optus Administration Pty Ltd.

Contractors are not eligible to participate.

You’ll give me a charity gift voucher? How does that work?

Optus offers matched giving charity vouchers of up to $300. Any donations made to a charity between April through March will be eligible to receive a charity voucher that is sent out post our financial year. These vouchers can be used to donate to a charity or cause of your choice throughout our yes4good platform.

Why yes4good?

Optus yes4good is part of our commitment to support our people to make a difference in the community. We know that a company’s contribution to the community is an important part of attracting and retaining talented people. In addition, our employee research has told us that you want choice when it comes to choosing a charity. That’s why we’ve partnered with GoodCompany to develop this website to make it easy for you to volunteer or donate to the charity of your choice.

What does Optus want to achieve with yes4good?

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and strongly believe that we can help drive positive and sustainable changes in our local communities.

Together we can make a difference. For example:

  • If 700 employees participate in workplace giving and donate $5 per week to charity – they will give a combined total of $182,000 a year
  • Each of those employees will receive a matched giving voucher (with a maximum of $300). Based on $5 per week each employee would receive a $260 charity gift voucher from Optus to donate to any charity of their choice on the website which equates to an additional $182,000.

What’s great about the program?

yes4good is a one-stop-shop for all your workplace giving, volunteering and fundraising needs. There are three key differences with yes4Good:

  1. We have responded to your feedback and introduced an ‘open’ model of workplace giving, which means you can donate to one or more of 250 charities. Previously, our workplace giving program was limited to 13 charity partners.
  2. You can research, identify and apply for volunteer opportunities through the yes4Good website which makes it easy to give your time to make a difference.

Who has Optus partnered with to deliver yes4good?

Optus has partnered with Goodcompany to deliver yes4good.

Founded in 1999, GoodCompany was Australia’s first Skilled Volunteer portal. In 2007 GoodCompany merged with the GoodCompany Foundation. Today, GoodCompany is an exciting hybrid social enterprise that embraces both a non-profit Public Ancillary Fund (PAF) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and ‘for purpose’ structures to create greater social outcomes.

GoodCompany now supports over 1,500 of Australia's most respected charities.

Which charities are on yes4good? How do I add one?

There are more than 1,500 charities listed on yes4good.

Charities must meet certain criteria to join the program including Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1. You can check to see if a charity is DGR item 1 by searching the Australian Business Register here.

If a charity you’re passionate about is not registered with GoodCompany and they meet the DGR criteria, please let us know if you are willing to champion their cause via advocacy, donations, volunteering or fundraising. Details of the charity can be emailed through to support@GoodCompany.org.

Please note: It’s free for charities to join GoodCompany and list volunteering roles. If a charity wishes to register for donations there is a small annual membership fee.

Do you want more support?

If you could not find your answer in these frequently asked questions please email the Optus Community team via community@optus.com.au