Why has Optus introduced charity gift vouchers?

We see charity gift vouchers as an innovative way to reward our employees for saying yes4good. This model engages more people and to truly integrate workplace giving into one online website.

Does Optus give charity vouchers for volunteering?

For larger groups looking for support, please consider applying for a contribution towards the cost of the event. For more information please emailcommunity@optus.com.au.

Who is eligible for a charity gift voucher?

Every permanent Optus employee will be eligible for one charity gift voucher per year. Charity gift vouchers are distributed on an annual basis to employees who:

  • Donate money to charity through yes4good.
  • These employees are entitled to a charity gift voucher matching their donation up to $300.

When will I receive my charity gift voucher?

Charity gift vouchers will be distributed in around July - August each year. Eligible employees will receive an email from GoodCompany with a link and instructions to use their charity gift voucher.

I didn’t receive a charity gift voucher. What should I do?

If you have donated through yes4good then you should receive a charity voucher valued at up to $300. If you have met these requirements and have not received a charity gift voucher, please email the Optus Community Team.

What should I do with my charity gift voucher?

You can donate your charity gift voucher to any of the charities on the yes4good, charity projects or fundraising pages.

How do I redeem my voucher?

If you have been gifted a voucher, you can redeem by following these simple steps;

  • Select your name in the top right hand corner
  • At the top of your screen you will have a prompt advising of voucher
  • Select ‘redeem’

You can also navigate to the left menu items and select “Gift Vouchers”, this will list all the vouchers gifted to you.

What happens if I don’t ‘redeem’ my charity voucher?

If your voucher is not redeemed by the published expiration date it will be donated to charity partner chosen by Optus