If you have just joined Optus, you may not yet have been added to the eligibility file. Any issues accessing the yes4good website please contact community@optus.com.au

Once you are eligible

  1. Login and select donate (top left menu).
  2. Click on the search box to find your charity or apply a filter to refine your search.
  3. Once you have performed your search, view the results and select a charity to support by clicking "Donate Now" at the bottom right of their offer
  4. This will open their donation page and outline what you are supporting.
  5. On the right hand side are a range of sponsorship options, including dollar value, quantity and ways to give.
  6. To nominate a pre-tax donation select "Payroll". Alternately you can donate via your credit card, or if received, with a Gift Voucher.

All donations can be tracked via "My Account" (accessed via the top right menu dropdown)

If you have any questions please contact community@optus.com.au