If you want to create a Fundraiser

Creating a fundraising page is easy.

  1. Check the charity you wish to fundraise for is on the yes4good platform
  2. Once logged in select the Fundraise menu item (top left)
  3. Choose to "Create or Join a Fundraising Page/Event"
  4. Click "Create a Fundraising Page" 
  5. Nominate the target charity
  6. Enter a target amount (either manually or from the preset choices)
  7. If you want to display a countdown clock for a specific date and time you can enable this option (setting a start and finish date / time)
  8. Choose a date to "turn off" the fundraiser - remove from display
  9. Create your content - the title, the description and a display image (minimum width / height is 650 px x 375 px)
  10. Publish

For more information or support contact community@optus.com.au

Please note that you will need to select from an existing charity published on the site.